Rishi Goomar

Hey, I’m Rishi! I’m 30 years old. I am currently residing in Chicago, IL. I’m a Senior Site Reliability Engineer @ Lattice.

I started out my career with Front End development. Then later, I delved into more Full Stack Development including JavaScript and Java. I decided to keep going farther back in the stack and started working on the underlying infrastructure components and developer tooling.

I have been on teams focusing on Continuous Integration & Delivery, Developer Tooling, Site Reliability, and Cloud Infrastructure (AWS). I aspire to grow both technically and as a leader.

I am a…

Software Enthusiast

I am curious and enjoy digging into different aspects of software. I got the nickname “Spelunker” at my first job because of this. I spend at least 30 minutes every day reading news, blog posts, or articles around technical concepts or what is going on in the tech industry. Occasionally, sharing those links with others (#tech-news for those of you that know). I like to try out new frameworks, languages, and tools. Balancing the use of new and old technology for different use-cases.


I always look for opportunities to improve, whether it is personally or professionally. Empowering those around me to succeed and trying to inspire as much as possible. I give people the benefit of the doubt as people can change given the opportunity to do so.


I’m big on having empathy for those you work with and those around you. I am a foodie and love to try new restaurants or different foods & drinks. I enjoy dancing, even if I’m the only one doing so. Occasionally, you’ll find me playing League of Legends with my friends.